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Rehoming your old stuff shouldn't be so hard.

GiveGet makes sharing easy.

Let’s say you have an old lamp. It’s perfectly fine, but it just doesn’t fit anywhere. What do you with it? You don’t want to trash it. Maybe you put it into a closet if there’s space. Maybe you leave it on the curb or donate it, hoping it finds a good home.

If you decide to sell it online, you know it won’t be easy. Whether you're selling a lamp, bike, or baby clothes, finding a trustworthy buyer among the scammers, lowballers, time wasters, no-shows, and last-minute negotiators is a major pain and time suck.

That got us thinking: why are we suffering with bad internet buyers when we’re surrounded by good people in real life? People like our friends, their friends, cool colleagues, kind teammates, nice neighbors, etc. We’ve got good stuff to give, they want good stuff and vice versa. Shouldn’t we start sharing with these fine folks first?

That’s why we’re building GiveGet.
GiveGet is for sharing stuff with your friends and people you trust. It makes getting your old stuff into new hands an easy, rewarding, and joyful experience. When you have extra good stuff, use GiveGet to pass it on to people in your social circles.

GiveGet is an experiment in social resale. Facilitating a practice based on more gratitude, less attitude, more generosity, less hostility, more joy, less stress. So that we share more stuff, share more often, support our friends, and keep our stuff out of landfill. Pass it on.

Sharing stuff is simple

With GiveGet and Friends

No bogus buyers and no bad behavior

No scams, no jerks No scams, no jerks
Pass it on.